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In this fast and time bounded lifestyle, living close to nature has never been so easy as we are aware of. The bio degradable products that we make, from 100% eco friendly raw materials, provide your home or building with that ultimate finish and the empiricism of a nature freindly life. "Preserve the legacy, save the earth, return to nature" has been our long time motto. Our products, handle with love and care and treated scientifically, are guranteed to last for a life time.

Vishwakarma, Son of Brahma, the presiding deity of all craftsmen and architects, The divine draftsman of the whole universe, and the official builder of all the gods' palaces according to the hindu mythology has depicted in his book about bamboo and its importance in home furnishing. Simple and easy to use baamboo products, designed and executed by traditional artisans and other skilled workers who have won several state level recognitions in bamboo crafts, are sold with seven years of guranteed repair. An increasingly large number of satisfied customers speak volumes for quality and responsible service.